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Hello Mary-lou Chords
Hello Mary Lou
(Creedence Clearwater Revival)

 A             D
Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart,
  A                              E
Sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you,
  A             A7           D  
I knew, Mary Lou, we'd never part,
 A         E            A
Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart  (3x last) 

Past me by one sunny day,
Flashed those big brown eyes my way,
  A                           E
I knew I wanted you for evermore,
I'm not one that tears around,
Swear my feet stuck to the ground,
    A             E            A
Though I never did meet you before,


I saw your lips, I heard your voice,
Believe me I just had no choice,
A                                 E
Wild horses couldn't make me stay away,
I thought about a moon lit night,
My arms around you good and tight,
    A            E             A       
And all I had to see for me to say,


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About the artist behind Hello Mary-lou Chords:

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) was an American roots rock band who gained popularity in the late 1960s and early '70s with a string of successful songs from multiple albums released in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

The group consisted of singer, lead guitarist, and primary writer John Fogerty, rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty, bass player Stu Cook, and drummer Doug Clifford. Their musical style encompassed rock and roll and so-called swamp rock genres.

CCR's music is still a staple of American and worldwide radio airplay[1] and often figures in various media.

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