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Para Sa Masa Chords
This song is the very popular song of the album Sticker Happy in 1997
Chords by Kenneth Panergayo if you want some chords of the ERASERHEADS
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Intro : C-Em (4x)

C                 Em
Ito ay para sa mga masa
         C          Em
Sa lahat ng nawalan ng pag-asa
         C                        Em
Sa lahat ng aming nakasama 
           C                Em      F
Sa lahat ng hirap at pagdurusa
         G                C  C7
Naalala nyo pa ba
F                  G                           C G
Binigyan namin kayo ng ligaya

(Chords of I)

Ilang taon na rin ang lumipas 
Mga kulay ng mundo ay kumupas
Marami na rin ang mnga pagbabago
Di maiiwasan pagkat tayo ay tao lamang
Mapapatawad mo ba ako
Kung di ko sinunod ang gusto mo

Adlib : C-Em (4x)
La la la la la la la......

F             G              C C7
Pinilit kong iahon ka, yeah
F              G                            G C
Ngunit ayaw mo naming sumama

(do chord c.p C-Em)
Ito ay para sa mga masa
Sa lahat ng binaon ng sistema
Sa lahat ng aming nakabarkada
Sa lahat ng mahilig sa labsong at drama
Sa lahat ng di marunong bumasa
Sa lahat ng may problema sa skwela
Sa lahat ng fan's ni Sharon Cuneta
Sa lahat ng masa (sa lahat ng masa) (4x)
F        G      C C7
  Huwag mong hayaang ganito
F       G  C   G
  Bigyan ang sarili ng respeto

Adlib (FADE)

C-Em (11X)

La la la la la la la.......

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About the artist behind Para Sa Masa Chords:

The Eraserheads, Eraserheads, or E-Heads was a prominent Pinoy rock band of the 1990s, formed by Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. The band is one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original Pinoy Music,[1] giving them the title "The Beatles of the Philippines."[1][2] The Eraserheads was also said to open the second wave of band invasion,[3] paving the way for other alternative rock bands[4] such as Rivermaya, The Youth, Teeth, Siakol, Grin Department, Parokya ni Edgar and Yano.

The band released more than several different singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one. This commercial success was most evident in the release of their third album Cutterpillow, which achieved platinum status several times. The Eraserheads are one the best-selling musical acts of all time in the Philippines, paving way for an international career that earned them the "Moon Man" in the MTV Video Music Awards.

Their diverse music worked both in the underground and mainstream scenes of the Philippine music industry. By fusing different musical styles such as alternative, pop, rock, reggae, and synthpop the Eraserheads helped change the sound of Pinoy rock.

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