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Seagull Tab
SEAGULL - Bad Company
from the album "Bad Co." released in 1974
Tabbed by: Kevin Buzby for
AIM: kjlee2112

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

*corrected 9 Feb 05*: In the outro at the Bb, I had B notes notated instead of Bb.  My apologies! :)

Notes: I saw the previous tabs didn't have the picking progressions or the
correct ending, so I've decided to do that because without the correct picking
or strumming for the verses, it just doesn't sound right.  Any questions, just
email me or send me an instant message and I'll be happy to talk to ya or clear
something up.  Thanks!
Directly above the tab there are "d"'s and "u"'s.  The "d"'s mean downstroke,
and the "u"'s mean upstroke.  Play the hammered C note on the A string with
your pinky, but hold the D chord at the same time, and use your index finger
to hammer the B, and let the open G string ring, instead of fretting the A note.

**A note on the strumming-- the down down, up up pattern stays pretty constant
throughout the song--save the refrains--and it is key if you want to give this
song some justice.  Yes, it's an easy song, but if you don't strum it right,
it'll sound all mushy and crappy.  It's a pretty song, so keep it that way! ;)

Intro(and verses, really):

  (D)              (D)              (D/C)            (D/B)
   d   d   u   u    d   d   u   u    d   d   u   u    d   d   u   u

The guitar follows the above format, for the most part.  Listen to the song, and
you will hear where the D chord is extended and shortened in the beginning of the
intro/verse progression above.  Sorry if that sounds confusing, but just listen
to the song, and you'll understand what I mean.


Above progression goes six times before verses start(vocal adlibs over guitar

Verse 1:

D              D/C      D/B
Seagull you fly, across the horizon
D         D/C   D/B
Into the misty mornin' sun
D       D/C       D/B          D
Nobody asks you where you are going
    D/C    D/B                 D
And nobody knows where you're from

Verse 2:

D          D/C  D/B
There is a man asking a question
D          D/C    D/B             D
Is this really the end of the world?
D            D/C       D/B               D
Seagull you must have known for a long time
D/C   D/B
The shape of things to come

Chorus 1:
(Chords below are just strummed, no picking progression until the end)
D       D
Now you fly
 D          A
Through the sky
C     G      D
Never asking why
D       D 
And you fly
D    A Asus4 A
All around
Till somebody
G          D
Shoots you down

(vocal adlib over intro progression x4)

Verse 3:

D              D/C  D/B
Seagull you fly, across the horizon
D        D/C   D/B
Into the misty mornin' sun
D       D/C     D/B
Nobody asks you where you are going
D/C    D/B                D
Nobody knows where you're from

Chorus 2:

D       D
Now you fly
D            A
Through the sky
C     G      D
Never asking why
D        D
And you fly
D    A
All around
     C         G
Till somebody, yeah
G           D    C    G    D
Shoots you down
C    G     D 
Mmmmmhmmmm yeah

Verse 4/Outro:
(intro progression w/variation played over all words until outro chordal progression)

Intro w/variation:
(this progression is played once for every line of lyric below, and there are 12
lines of lyric, so it is played 12 times.)

Seagull you fly

Seagull you fly away

And you fly away today

And you fly away tomorrow

And you fly away

Leave me to my sorrow

Mmmm hmmm mmmmmmm

Seagull go on and fly

Mmmm hmmm mmmmmmm

Fly to your tomorrow

Leave me to my sorrow

Haaa aahhh ahhh yaaaahaaa

(After this last line, the following is played, then directly segues into the outro)



  D       F       G             Bb         C          D


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About the artist behind Seagull Tab:

Bad Company is the stage name of drum and bass producers Jason Maldini, Darren White (D Bridge), Dan Stein (Fresh) and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas).

They formed in 1999 from the ashes of Renegade Hardware act Future Forces.

The group is well known in the drum and bass industry for their 12" single: The Nine / the Bridge (BCR001). Bad Company went on to produce four LPs and various singles which were acclaimed with similar success, most notably was "The Book of Bad" LP (2000) which had the crowd and dj favorites "Miami Flashback", "Planet Dust", and "Mind Games". Today, however, the group is somewhat dissolved. Dan Stein (Fresh) had left Bad Company to pursue several solo projects under different labels like: Ram Recordings, Breakbeat Kaos, V-Recordings and Valve. Darren White continues to produce under the name D-Bridge, Jason Maldini and Michael Wojicky under Maldini and Vegas, respectively. The remainder of the group, now known as "Bad Company UK" because they had a legal battle over the name as there was a band in the 70's also called Bad Company, consists of Maldini and Wojicky.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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