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Heart Attack Chords
Heart Attack- Bad cash quartet
Album- Outcast
Tabbed by: Per Törnkrantz

B      G#m  F#  x2

B                      G#m                  F#                B
You can change it for a bit. But you should know just when to quit
B                            G#m            F#                 B
The boy looks better when he laughs so heīs stuck with that forever
B  G#m F#

Verse 2:
B                      G#m           F#         B 
If you are growing as a man you will never understand
B                         G#m           F#            E
And I know thatīs hard to know  so itīs OK if you are afraid
B                    E F#        ( x2 )           
cause youīre growing....              

            B           E         F#
No itīs not me that Iīm living for    ( x4 )
B   G#m F#

Verse 3: (Same as verse 2)
Oh I hope you start to see
 That itīs not made for you and me
But then again itīs not the end 
itīs just a phase you have to pass
cause youīre growing....

Chorus: (Likewise)
No itīs not me that Iīm living for

End on a B....

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