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Like A Stone Chords
standard tuning

Am- (x02230)
G-  (320003)
E-  (023100)
F-  (033210)
Fm- (133111)
C-  (x32010)

Am          G
On a cobweb afternoon
E                 F
In a room full of emptiness
Am           G
By a freeway I confess
E                 F
I was lost in the pages
Am        G        
Of a book full of death
E                 F
Reading how we'll die alone
Am                G  
And if we're good we'll lay to rest
E           F    
Anywhere we want to go

Am      C     G         Am
In your house I long to be
Am      C    G      Am
Room by room patiently
Am   F            Am 
I'll wait for you there
G      Am         F            Am      
Like a stone I'll wait for you there

On my deathbed
I will pray
       E            F
To the gods and the angels
Am              G
Like a pagan to anyone
E                   F
Who will take me to heaven
Am           G
To a place I recall
E              F
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The wine was bled
E                    F
And there you led me on

Am      C     G         Am
In your house I long to be
Am      C    G      Am
Room by room patiently
Am   F            Am 
I'll wait for you there
G      Am         F            Am      
Like a stone I'll wait for you there
E     E  

F        C
And on I read
E                 F
Until the day was done
      Fm     Dm7      
And I sat in regret
   E                   Am
Of all the things I've done
F                 C
For all that I've blessed
    E             F
And all that I've wronged
   Fm              Dm7
In dreams until my death
I will wander on

Repeat chorus 

By Emi(boy)& Bijan paskal love aida

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About the artist behind Like A Stone Chords:

Audioslave was an American hard rock supergroup that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2001. It consisted of ex-Soundgarden frontman and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell and the former instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine; Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass and backing vocals) and Brad Wilk (drums). Critics initially described Audioslave as an amalgamation of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden,[1] but by the band's second album, Out of Exile, noted that it had established a separate identity.

The band's trademark sound was created by blending 1970s hard rock with 1990s grunge. Moreover, Morello incorporated his well-known, unconventional guitar solos into this mix. As with Rage Against the Machine, the band prided themselves on the fact that all sounds on their albums were produced using only guitar, bass, drums and vocals; no samples were ever used.

After Audioslave released three successful albums, received three Grammy nominations, sold more than eight million records worldwide,[2][3] and became the first American rock band to perform an open-air concert in Cuba, Cornell issued a statement in February 2007 that he was permanently leaving the band "due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences". As the other three members were busy with the Rage Against the Machine reunion, and Morello and Cornell had each released solo albums in 2007, Audioslave was officially disbanded.[4]

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