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I Still Believe In You Chords
Key of Eb, capo 1 (see notes below)

INTRO: (see riff below)
|D |G |D |G |

|D |A |G |Asus4 A |F#m |G |Em |Asus4 / / A|G |D/F# |Bm |G  Asus4 A|
                                             __ __
CHORUS:                                     |1.|2.
|D |C |Em / / D/F#|G A|D |C |Em / / D/F#|G A|D |G |

|G |G |G |

D                         A
Everybody wants a little piece of my time
G                          Asus4       A
But still I put you at the end of the line
F#m                       G
How it breaks my heart to cause you this pain
Em                        Asus4       A
To see the tears you cry fallin' like rain
G           D/F#
Give me the chance to prove
Bm               G     Asus4 A
And I'll make it up to you

D                  C
I still believe in you
       Em             D/F#   G   A
With a love that will always be 
D                      C
Standing so strong and true     ___   ___
     Em             D/F# G  A  |1.D  |2.G 
Baby I still believe in you and me     me

TAG (see INTRO riff below)

Somewhere along the way, I guess I just lost track
Only thinkin' of myself never lookin' back
For all the times I've hurt you, I apologize
I'm sorry it took so long to finally realize
Give me the chance to prove
That nothing's worth losing you

(repeat CHORUS)

INTRO and TAG riff (capo 1)

   _     ___    ___           _     ___    ___         
  |_|   |   |  |   |  |      |_|   |   |  |   |    |   /      |
  | |   |   |  |   |  |   /| | |   |   |  |   |    |         |

Another alternative is to put a capo on the third fret:

no capo  capo 1   capo 3
Eb       D        C
Fm       Em       Dm
Gm       F#m      Em
Ab       G        F
Bb       A        G
Cm       Bm       Am
Db       C        Bb

H = hammer on
P = pull off
T = tied note

/| = eighth rest

/  = quarter rest

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About the artist behind I Still Believe In You Chords:

Vince Gill (born Vincent Grant Gill, April 12, 1957) is an American neotraditional country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has achieved commercial success and fame both as frontman to the country rock band Pure Prairie League in the 1970s, and as a solo artist beginning in 1983, where his talents as a vocalist and musician have placed him in high demand as a guest vocalist, and a duet partner. Gill has recorded more than twenty studio albums, charted over forty singles on the U.S. Billboard charts as Hot Country Songs, and has sold more than 22 million albums. He has been honored by the Country Music Association with 18 CMA Awards, including two Entertainer of the Year awards and five Male Vocalist Awards. Gill has also earned 19 Grammy Awards, more than any other male Country music artist. In 2007, Gill was inducted into the esteemed Country Music Hall of Fame.

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