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Candy Says Chords
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From: "Shaggy"  
Date:     Sat, 2 Dec 1995 22:34:55 -500
Subject:  CRD: Candy Says by The Velvet Underground

Here is a more complete chord transcription for this song.  I've formatted 
the chords to the lyrics (as well as I could), and included all the words.  
Thanks to Citizen Kane  for the original posting 
from which I took the chords.

This is one of the best VU songs (in my humble opinion).  It's the first 
track on their third album, "The Velvet Underground"; and is written (of 
course) by Lou Reed. A "closet mix" version is also available on the new VU 
box set. Enjoy.

Candy Says: The Velvet Underground

D#       Gm  F#                C 
  Candy says, I've come to hate my body,
Fm              Bb
  and all that it requires
  D#              Bb
  in this world.
D#       Gm  F#               C
  Candy says, I'd like to know completely,
Fm             Bb 
  what other souls discreetly
  D#           Bb
  talk about. 

D#           G#                    F 
  I'm gonna watch the blue birds fly,
  over my shoulder.
D#           G#                    F
  I'm gonna watch them pass me by,
  maybe when I'm older.
C#                       G#
  What do you think I'd see,
     Bb                      C#
  if I could walk away from me?    (4 beat pause)

VERSE 2: (same chords as verse 1)
Candy says, I hate the quite places,
that cause the smallest taste
of what will be.
Candy says, I hate the big descisions,
that cause endless revisions
in my mind.

CHORUS (again)

D# (8 bts)           G# (8 bts)
..........Doo, Doo, Whaa......... 
D#                   G#   
Doo.......Doo, Doo, Whaa......... (x4)

(end on)

It is kind of difficult to convey where exactly the chords change, as they 
don't line up perfectly with the words.  Every chord lasts for 4 beats and 
the words are placed over them.  There is also a lot of chord picking that 
goes on that I have no clue how to play.  And that's it...

SC Sarvis

*  "Space Patrol, uh ... I gotta be brief ... I said cheese!... *
* My elastic's all stretched out ... She's a gas powered witch! *
*                       ...[10-4], Over."                       *

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About the artist behind Candy Says Chords:

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band first active from 1965 to 1970 (and 1970 to 1973 in a different incarnation). Its best-known members were Lou Reed and John Cale. Although never commercially successful while together, the Velvet Underground are often cited by critics as one of the most important and influential groups of their era.[1] A famous remark, often attributed to British musician Brian Eno, is that while only a few thousand people bought the first Velvet Underground record upon its release, almost every single one of them was inspired to start a band.[2]

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