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When I Said I Do Chords (ver 3) - Clint Black

When I Said I Do Chords
Key of A (Capo 6th fret if you wish)
Verse 1 
A                           E 
These times are troubled and these times are good 
And they're always gonna be, they rise and they fall 
A                  E 
We take 'em all the way that we should 
Together you and me forsaking them all 
F#m                    E 
Deep in the night and by the light of day 
It always looks the same, true love always does 
A                          E 
And here by your side, or a million miles away 
Nothin's ever gonna change the way that I feel, 
The way it is, is the way that it was 
     A       E                  Bm            D             A 
When I said I do, I meant that I will 'til the end of all time 
                E                G 
Be faithful and true, devoted to you 
                     D                  A  E  D 
That's what I had in mind when I said "I do" 
Verse 2 
     A                                     E 
Well this old world keeps changin', and the world stays the same 
For all who came before, and it goes hand and hand 
A                      E 
Only you and I can undo all that we became 
That makes us so much more, than a woman and a man 
F#m                        E 
And after everything that comes and goes around 
Has only passed us by, here alone in our dreams 
  A                             E 
I know there's a lonely heart in every lost and found 
But forever you and I will be the ones 
Who found out what forever means 
Repeat Chorus 
A         C#                        F#m                  B7 
Truer than true, you know that I'll always be there for you 
                    D                                Dm 
(Clint) That's what I had in mind, (Lisa) that's what I had in mind, 
                                               A D Dm A 
(Clint and Lisa {how sweet}) When I said "I do" 

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About the artist behind When I Said I Do Chords:

Clint Black (born Clint Patrick Black, February 4, 1962) is a Grammy Award-winning American country music singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. Signed to RCA Records in 1989, Black made his debut with his Killin' Time album, which produced four straight Number One singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts.

Although his momentum gradually slowed throughout the 1990s, Black consistently charted hit songs into the 2000s. To date, he has amassed more than thirty singles on the U.S. Billboard country charts (of which thirteen have reached Number One), in addition to releasing nine studio albums and several compilation albums. In 2003, Black founded his own record label, Equity Music Group, whose roster also includes Little Big Town, Carolina Rain, Kevin Fowler, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and Mark Wills.

Black has also ventured into acting, having made a cameo appearance in the 1994 film Maverick, as well as a starring role in 1998's Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack.

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