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Prinsesa Chords
+Song: Prinsesa                                       +
+Artist: The Teeth                                    +
+Transcibed By: Ricky Jay Lonceras                    +
+Date: Sept. 6, 2004                                  +
+Taga Bicol ini o                                     +
+Intro: D-D/C#-C-G-; (4x)                             +
+                                                     +
+D       D/C#                 C         G             +
+Nakaupo s'ya sa isang madilim na sulok               +
+D       D?C#              C             G          D + 
+Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa libu-libong babaing nandoon +
+            C#                                       +
+Wala pang isang minuto                               +
+  C               G (Intro once)                     +
+Nahulog na ang loob ko sa 'yo.                       + 
+                                                     +
+D               D/C#         C                       + 
+Gusto ko sanang marinig ang tinig mo                 +
+G              D           D/C#           C       G  +
+Umasa na rin na sana'y mahawakan ko ang palad mo     +
+D               D/C#                                 +
+Gusto ko sanang lumapit                              +
+C                 G               D  D/C#   C-G      + 
+Kung di lang sa lalaking kayakap mo, ho o-o-oh.      +
+                                                     +
+Chorus                                               +
+                                                     +
+A                  D                                 +
+Dalhin mo ako sa iyong palasyo                       +
+A                   D                                +
+Maglakad tayo sa hardin ng yong kaharian             +
+A                                                    +
+Wala man akong pag-aari                              +
+  D                         A                        +
+Pangako kong habangbuhay kitang pagsisilbihan        +  
+G         Gm D    D/C#   C   G                       +
+O aking prinsesa ha-a-ah, prinsesa                   +
+      D D/C#    C   G                                +
+Prinsesa, prinsesa.                                  +      
+                                                     + 
+Ad lib: D-D/C#-C-G-; (2x)                            +
+                                                     +
+D          D/C#                                      +
+Di ako makatulog                                     +  
+  C               G            D                     +
+Naisip ko ang ningning ng yong mata                  +
+            D/C#        C               G            + 
+Nasa isip kita buong umaga buong magdamag            +
+D               C#                                   +
+Sana'y parati kang tanaw                             +
+         C            G            D                 +
+O ang sakit isipin ito'y isang panaginip             +
+     D/C#     C-G                                    +
+Panaginip lang.                                      + 
+                                                     +
+Repeat Chorus                                        +
+                                                     +
+Ad lib: D-D/C#-C-G-; (4x)                            +
+                                                     +
+Repeat Chorus                                        +
+                                                     +
+      D D/C#    C   G                                + 
+Prinsesa, prinsesa                                   +
+      D     D/C#  C G                                +
+Prinsesa, a-ha-ah... (Fade)                          +
+                                                     + 
+                                                     +
+Illustration:                                        + 
+D    = x57xxx                                        +
+D/C# = x47xxx                                        + 
+C    = x35xxx                                        + 
+G    = 35xxxx                                        +
+A    = 57xxx                                         +   
+                                                     +
+Comments? is free? ok?                               +                              +  
+                                                     +

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About the artist behind Prinsesa Chords:

With Teeth (also known as Halo 19, also printed as [WITH_TEETH]) is the fifth studio album from American industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails. The album was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and long-time collaborator Alan Moulder. Reznor ultimately described the album as “13 songs that are friends with each other.”[1] More specifically, he has indicated that the album is highly influenced by his battle with, and recovery from, alcoholism and substance abuse. This album marked a relative return to the more synthpop sound of the band's 1989 debut Pretty Hate Machine, and is also known for spawning three of Nine Inch Nails's best-known singles: "The Hand That Feeds", "Every Day is Exactly the Same", and "Only". "The Hand That Feeds" is also featured in the popular video game Rock Band. With Teeth is the first Nine Inch Nails album to not feature an instrumental track since Pretty Hate Machine.

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