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My first Tab!  What d'ya think?

With apologies to Eddie Spaghetti:

Main Melody


C					 F
No one's gonna get up on stage, we got a barricade

C					      F
I don't give a damn about your rage, we got a barricade

Dm		   F		G
Ah barricade, sweet barricade

C				      F
I don't have to be afraid, behind the barricade

C						      F
This is the best place that we ever played, they got a barricade

Dm		   F
Ah barricade, sweet barricade

Well you can toss me some cash

Or throw up a spleef

But if you start throwing trash

I'm going kick out your teeth

C		 F
From behind the barricade

Then the same chord progression for the rest of the song...
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Try out the AutoScroller option ... It scrolls the page for you, so you can totally focus on nailing that solo. You can choose among different speeds using your mouse or your keyboard (keys 0, 1, 2 and 3).

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