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[INTRO] (Lead also plays this the whole song)

*****The second time through the intro, when you get to the *, Guitar 2 plays the following once then starts


C Amin7  C/G FMaj7
C Amin7  C/G FMaj7

C                             Amin7 
I haven't talked to you since last year. And 
C/G                      FMaj7   
even though it's January it's been a long time, but 
C                        Amin7   
why are you reaching out now? 
C/G                              FMaj7 
Even though I'm anxious I should play it cool somehow. 
C                    Amin7 
I hope everything is going fine. 
C/G                     FMaj7  
Ever since we graduated you've been hard to find.
C                                Amin7 
And I know college is getting to you in the worst way,
C/G                            FMaj7  
so you go out and party on the weekdays to compensate. 
C                        Amin7 
  I remember now you've always been like that while 
C/G             FMaj7      
I stood idly by feeling like crap 'cause
C                              Amin7  
speaking up would only make us angry at ourselves. 
        C/G                          FMaj7   
So we'd forget all about it and just deal with what we dealt.
C                          Amin7  
  Things were easier when we would lay in bed and watch
C/G                   FMaj7 
sad videos that would make us laugh instead. And your 
C                       Amin7 
best friend never liked me anyway.
          C/G                                     FMaj7 
Now she's halfway 'cross the country, but you're "still together always". 
C                     Amin7                 C/G              FMaj7 
You're all alone.     Stand by your phone.  I am here.       And I will listen. 

C Amin7  C/G FMaj7 

C                 Amin7  

C/G               FMaj7 

C                          Amin7 
  It's been weeks since we last talked, would it be 
C/G                          FMaj7 
weird if I called out of the blue? 
C               Amin7 
  Do I need an excuse?
   I just miss you. 
   I just miss you.
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