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Heaven Knows Chords
Intro:   C  F  C  F

     She's always on my mind
                    F                               G 
     From the time I awake up 'till I close my eyes 
              Em               Am
     She's everywhere I go
           Am7     F  G
     She's all I know 

     And though she's so far away
         F                                      G
     It just keeps gettin' stronger  everyday
            Em                   Am
     And even now she's gone
         Am/G          F
     I'm still holding on 
     so tell me where do I start
     'Cause it's breakin' my heart
     F                            G
     Don't wanna let her go

     C             Am                   F                G
     Maybe my love will come back  someday
     C      Am     F        G   
     Only heaven knows
             C              Am          F       G
     And maybe our hearts will find a way
     C     Am      F        G     
     Only heaven knows
           Am       Am7   F            G
     And all I can do is hope and pray
                             C     F  C  F
     'Cause heaven knows

     My friends keep tellin' me
     That if you really love her
     You've gotta set her free
     And if she returns in kind
     I'll know she's mine
     But tell me where do I start 
     'Cause it's breakin' my heart
     Don't wanna let her go

     (Repeat Chorus)

    Why I live in despair
     'Cause wide awake or dreaming
                   C              Em
     I know she's never there
              Am              Am7
     And all the time I act so brave
             F            C
     I'm shaking inside
       F                Dm7     Gsus  G
     Why does it hurt me so 

     (Repeat Chorus)

     Heaven knows 
     Heaven knows ......


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About the artist behind Heaven Knows Chords:

Rick Price (born July 6, 1961) is an Australian singer and songwriter.

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