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Forgive Me
Correction here they are:

Intro: F#-B-G#m (x4)

F# - B - F#- G# One time, then
B - F# - G# - B - G#m


G#m - B - F# - B - F#

then play this while the electric guitar is playing

B - F#

Then repeat verse

but it would be like this:

F# - B - F#m - F# - B - G#m

Repeat chorus but, Miljenko changes the tone so it would go like this

G#m - B - F#m - B - F#m - F#


D#m - G#m - C#m - E- B- D#m - G#m - E - B

Then play:

F# - B 'til the song ends…

so, with the lyrichs, it'd go like this:

Play intro


I don't mean to hurt you 
I don't mean to offend you 
I don't mean to condemn you

Forgive me - but I love you

Verse II

I don't mean to wound you 
And I don't mean to punish you 
I know, Know I made you suffer through

Forgive me - but I thinks it's 'cause I love you


Yeh, I know I'm fast to criticize 
Sometimes my mouth runs wild 
I don't know why 
But I know one thing is true 
Forever, forever, I will love you

When it goes on you… play F# - B 'til the ends

Once again, pretty easy, but still so lovely
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