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Its Over Chords
It's Over
Level 42
Running In The Family 1987

Hard chords here but 42 rarely use capos.

|Dbsus2| |Gbadd9| |Abm| |Bbsus4 Bb| 

|Cm11| |Fm7| |Bbsus2| |Dbsus2

Dbsus2                       Gbadd9
I won't be here when you come home
     Abm                                             Bbsus4 Bb
I'm sorry if you don't understand, forgive me if you can
Cm11                  Fm7
but I can see another road
                   Bbsus2 Bb
and I ain't coming back
Dbsus2                       Gbadd9
Don't look for me around this town
      Abm                                          Bbsus4  Bb
'cause I will be so far away, you'll never find me anywhere
Cm11                    Fm7
and I won't take no souvenirs
                        Bbsus2 Bb
no perfumed picture promises
             Cm11  Fm7
because it's over
and I ain't coming back

Abm  Gb6    Fm7   Bb   Dbmaj7
You gave me everything
             B7            Bbm7 Ab
and now I'm breaking your heart
     Gb6     Fm7       Bb  Dbmaj7
you know that I don't mean
             Cm7b5 Fm7 Bbmaj7 Dbsus2 Gbsus2
to tear your world a - part

The B7 in the chorus should strictly be 
written as Cb7 but I don't think the website will 
recognise the chord.

Some more chords dotted around but bear these 
sophisticated chords in mind and you'll get them.

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About the artist behind Its Over Chords:

Level 42 are an English pop, rock, and funk band. The group had a number of worldwide and UK hits during the 1980s and 1990s. The band gained fame for its high calibre musicianship, especially that of Mark King, whose percussive slap bass guitar technique provided the driving groove of many of the band's hits. They are also known for the combination of King's lead vocals and keyboard player Mike Lindup's falsetto backing vocals. After originally disbanding in 1994, they reformed in 2001. Level 42 have sold more than 31 million albums worldwide[1].

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