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Will You Still Love Me Tab
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Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 03:07:24 -0400
From: Daniel Ganc 
Subject: CRD: Will You Still Love Me? by Chicago

Will You Still Love Me?         Chicago

e ||-------------9---8-----||      |-----|
B ||----------9---------9--||      |-----|
G ||*-8---10--------------*|| (5x) |-10--|
D ||*---------------------*||      |-----|
A ||-----------------------||      |-----|
E ||-----------------------||      |-----|

                              G#5 F5   F#5  G#5 C#5
e ||--------------8-----8-9--|--2nd--|-------------||
B ||-----11--9-11----11------|--time-|-------------||
G ||*-8----------------------|--only-|------------*||
D ||*------------------------|-------|----------6-*||
A ||-------------------------|--6-3--|-4--4--6--4--||
E ||-------------------------|--4-1--|-2--2--4-----||

G#              C#
  Take me as I am
                 Cm              C#  D#
Put your hand in mine now and forever
G#               C#
  Darling here I stand,
                 Cm                 C#
Stand before you now. Deep inside I always knew
Bbm         D#m
  It was you, you and me
                   Bbm    Bbsus2   C#
Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny
Bbm         D#m
  It was you, and you for me
                 Bbm     Bbsus2      C#              G#
Every road leads to your door, every step I take for evermore

C#             F#              G#           C#
  Just say you love me for the rest of your life
  F#                                       G#
I gotta lot of love, and I don't wanna let go
C#               F#              G#         C#
  Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
                  F#  G#
'Cause I can't go on
               C#  F#
No, I can't go on

I can't go on
   G#        C#
If I'm on my own

                           G#5 F5 F#5  D#5 G#5
e |--------------8-9-11-9-|------------------|
B |-9---11--9-11----------|------------------|
G |-----------------------|------------------|
D |-----------------------|-------------8----|
A |-----------------------|-6--3--4--4--6--6-|
E |-----------------------|-4--1--2--2-----4-|
 G#             C#
  Take me as I am
                  Cm                    C#  D#
Put your heart in mine, stay with me forever
G#                   C#                 Cm
  'Cause I am just a man who never understood
I never had a thing to prove
Bbm                  D#m
  'Till there was you, you and me
Then it all came clear so suddenly
    Bbsus2              C#
How close to you that I wanna be


Cm                            Fm
  Do you believe a love could run so strong?
Cm                                     Fm
  Do you believe a love could pass you by?
There was no special one for me
I was the lonely one, you see
But then my heart lost all control
           C#         D#   E |-6-8-9-6-9-6-|
Now you're all that I know


           F#           G#
I can't go on (Can't go on)
               C#  F#  F#  G#  C#
No, I can't go on

                  F#                 G#
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
               C#               F#
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)

I can't go on
            G#         C#
Without somebody I can call my own
                  F#                 G#
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
               C#               F#
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
                  G#  C#
Just stay around
                  F#                 G#
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
               C#               F#
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
                                     G#    C#
I can't go on, if you could say your love
                  F#                 G#
'Cause I can't go on (Will you still love me?)
               C#               F#
No, I can't go on (Just say you love me)
                    G#        C#
Stay around, you'll never be alone

[Intro 1st line 8x repeat]

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About the artist behind Will You Still Love Me Tab:

Motto: Urbs in Horto (Latin: City in a Garden), Make No Small Plans, I Will[1]

Location in the Chicago metro area and Illinois

Coordinates: 41°52′55″N 87°37′40″W / 41.88194, -87.62778


United States




Cook, DuPage




March 4, 1837


 - Mayor

Richard M. Daley (D)


 - City

237.0 sq mi (606.2 km²)

 - Land

227.2 sq mi (588.3 km²)

 - Water

6.9 sq mi (17.9 km²)  3.0%

 - Urban

2,122.8 sq mi (5,498.1 km²)

 - Metro

10,874 sq mi (28,163 km²)


586 ft (179 m)

Population (2006)

 - City

2,833,321 (US: 3rd)

 - Density

12,470/sq mi (4,816/km²)

 - Urban


 - Metro


 - Demonym


Time zone


 - Summer (DST)



Chicago (IPA: /ʃɪˈkɑːgoʊ/) is the largest city in the state of Illinois, the largest in the Midwest, and, with a population of nearly 3 million people located almost entirely in Cook County (a portion of the city's O'Hare International Airport overlaps into DuPage County), is the third-most populous city in the United States. The Chicago metropolitan area (commonly referred to as Chicagoland) has a population of over 9.7 million people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, making it also the third largest metropolitan area in the U.S.[2] Adjacent to Lake Michigan, it is the largest city located on the Great Lakes and among the world's twenty-five largest urban areas by population. Chicago has been classified as an alpha world city for its worldwide economic and cultural influence.[3]

Incorporated as a city in 1837 after being founded in 1833 at the site of a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed, it soon became a major transportation hub in North America and quickly became the business and financial capital of the American Midwest. Since the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, it has been regarded as one of the ten most influential cities in the world. [3] Among the fields in which its influence has been seen are physics where Chicago Pile-1 served as the world's first artificial nuclear reactor, and architecture where it has contributed Chicago school architecture. It also boasts some of the world's tallest buildings (Sears Tower, Aon Center, and Hancock Center), and some of the tallest skyscrapers under construction (Chicago Spire and Trump International Hotel and Tower). The University of Chicago is a leader in many fields and has contributed its own Chicago schools such as Chicago school economics.

Today, Chicago boasts a rich diversity of cultural offerings: teams from each of the major league sports (Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox), a financial district anchored by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange located at the foot of LaSalle Street in the Chicago Board of Trade Building, the shopping of the Magnificent Mile, and a blossoming Theatre district. Noted among Chicago Landmarks are Wrigley Field, and Buckingham Fountain. The Magnificent Mile is a fitting tribute for a city that has revolutionized retail merchandising with Aaron Montgomery Ward perfecting mail order catalogs and Marshall Field inventing the money-back guarantee, bridal registry and being the first to use posted prices on goods.

Chicago is served by two major international airports, Chicago Midway International Airport and O'Hare International Airport (the world's second busiest in terms of passengers) as well as the internationally recognized Chicago 'L' system of rapid transit. Chicago was once the capital of the railroad industry and the nation's meatpacking was hubbed at the Union Stock Yards. Chicago has seen the gangland era Al Capone and has a history of Chicago-style politics which goes back to getting Abraham Lincoln nominated for to be United States President at the Wigwam and continued through the Cook County Democratic Organization run by Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. More recent Democrats from Cook County include the first African-American female United States Senator, Carol Mosley-Braun, and the first leading African-American United States Presidential contender, Senator Barack Obama.

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