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Home Chords
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Subject: CRD: "HOME" by Joe Diffie, TAKE 2
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"HOME" by Joe Diffie

Verse 1:

[D]The only the thing I see ahead is

[G] just the heat [A]a rising off the[D] road

[D]The rainbows I've been chasing keep on

[G]fading before I [A] find my pot of [D]gold

[G]But more and more I'm thinking, that the only treasures

[A]that I'll ever [D]kno[G]ow

[D]Are long ago and far behind and [A]wrapped up in my

[G]memories o
f [D]home


[G]Home was a swimming hole and a fishing pole

and the feel of a muddy row between my [D]toes

[G]Home was a back porch swing where I would sit

and mom would sing[D] amazing grace

While she hung out the [A]clothes,

[G]Home was an easy chair with my daddy there

and the smell of Sunday supper on the [D]sto-[G]ve

[D]My footsteps carry me away but [A]in my mind I'm

[G]always going [D]home

Verse 2:

[D]Now the miles I put behind me ain't as

ard as the [A]miles that lay[D] ahead

[D]And its much to late to listen to the

[G]words of wisdom [A]that my daddy[D] said

[G]The straight and narrow path he showed me turned into a

[A]thousand winding [D]ro-[G]oads,

[D]My footsteps carry me away, but [A]in my mind I'm

[G]always going [D]home.

Repeat Chorus (then add)

[G]Yeah, the straight and narrow path he showed me turned into a

[A]thousand winding [D]ro-[G]oads,

[D]My footsteps carry me away, but [A]in my mind I'm

[G]always going [D]home.

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About the artist behind Home Chords:

Joe Diffie (born Joe Logan Diffie, December 28, 1958, in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American country music singer-songwriter known for his ballads and novelty songs, in a manner similar to George Jones.[2][3] Starting with Diffie's debut single "Home", he has charted seventeen Top 10 hits (five of which, counting "Home", reached Number One) on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. He has also recorded nine studio albums (two of which have been certified Platinum by the RIAA), in addition to a Greatest Hits package, a Christmas album, and a live album. Diffie maintained a steady career in country music until the late 1990s, when he found himself alienated by radio due to an over-reliance on novelty tunes;[4] however, he experienced some brief resurgences in the 2000s upon returning to his earlier, ballad-oriented style.[2][5]

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