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Spronston Green Tab
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From: (Christopher Pierce)
Subject: TAB: Spronston Green   by The Charlatans

Feb. 6, 1995
If you don't have an organ, try using the simulated organ cords on one
guitar while another guitar plays the regular guitar parts.

                             Spronston Green
                            by The Charlatans
                     (from the album "Some Friendly")

Organ cords (simulated on guitar by plucking all notes simultaneously
             with indicated fingers)
         E maj                    A maj
Middle |---0---                 |-------|
 Index |---0---          Middle |---2---|
       |-------           Index |---2---|
 Thumb |---2---           Thumb |---2---|
       |-------                 |-------|
       |-------                 |-------|

opening riff

   E {This is the E used throughout body of song}

Break {use palm muting where necessary}
    E maj                              A maj

{organ plays all cords
{guitar only plays cords that are not bracketed

+++ Spronston Green +++

E                   (A)        E    (A)  E                (A)    E    (A)
 This one knows, she comes and goes.      And when she goes, she goes.
E                   (A)        E    (A)  E                (A)    E    (A)
 This one knows, she comes and goes.      And when she goes, she goes.
E                   (A)       E     (A)  E                  (A)      E   (A)
 Spronston green she used to pace me,     but now she hasn't got the time.
E             (A)    E  (A)  E              (A)        E    (A)
 I know I'm to necessary.     Everything she stole was mine . . .

E                   G                 A
 You got outa this one.  I've got no one.
 She knows she's buying something bought.

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